4S 6600 70-140C RC JETWERX SUPER (3 PACK)

$429.00 $349.00

RC Jetwerx partnered with one of the best lithium polymer battery manufacturers in the world to create the most powerful BVM style (6600 mAh) saddle pack to date. Introducing the RC Jetwerx High Performance Electric Jet Fuel series of saddle packs. Take your high performance jets to new heights (and new speeds!) with the new RC Jetwerx brand of packs!



766 grams, 27 ounces
140mm Long
87mm Tall
31mm Deep
6600 mAh capacity
70C discharge, with 140C burst
8″ long, 10 guage discharge wire with Deans plug.
5″ long balance lead

3 package of the RC Jetwerx 4S 6600 mAh 70-140C