HSDJETS F16 edf pnp (Thunderbirds)


The 12S HSDJETS edf F16 pnp is here!

Wingspan: 49”
Length: 71.5”
Flying weight: 13.4 lbs (on twin 5000 flights packs)
Recommended batteries: 6s 5-6000 60c (x2), 2s 2200 30c (x2) for avionics

Please see our RCJETWERX battery bundles for battery options designed specifically for this jet.

Package is receiver and battery ready. Includes all servos, lights, fan and esc system, wiring and electric retracts and brakes all installed.

Please note: the “white” color is bare foam and not painted white, contrary to information on forums. The Thunderbird turbine version, however, is painted white.

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