HSDJETS F16 turbine ready (Thunderbird)


The wait is over. The greatest scale foam turbine ready jet ever created is here.

RC Jetwerx brings the HSDJETS F16 turbine ready jet to the US.

Wingspan: 49”
Length: 71.5”
Flying weight: 16.5 lbs including 1350ml of fuel
Recommended engine: 6-7 Newton’s

Includes lights, uat, servos, electric retracting landing gear and sequencing gear doors, and electric brakes. All wiring is complete with detachable wings with electrical plugs and detachable wing tip missiles.

High quality digital metal gear servos. 25g on the aileron and rudder, 40g on the elevators.

Required to complete: engine, radio receiver (6 channel minimum), 3s 2200 Lipo, xt60 plugs (x2) and fuel.

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