HSDJETS Super Viper Pro Turbine ready


This is a presale, preorder. The jets will ship out to customers who reserved them the same week that they arrive.

The turbine ready, pnp, HSDJETS Super Viper Pro.

Now includes the all new MFC 2085 flight system controller!

True pnp turbine jet in a box. Includes, lights, servos, hardware, fuel tank, uat, engine pipe, electric retractable landing gear with door sequencer, electric brakes and smoke system. Just add 60-80n engine, radio receiver (7 ch minimum) and twin 2s 1800-2200mah Lipo packs to power the electronics. Assembly time is about an hour.

Wings detach for easy transport and storage.

Wing bags available.

Wingspan: 59”
Length: 65.5”
Flying weight: 14.3 lbs
Recommended engine: 60-80n

Flying time on the (highly recommended) SW60b Swiwin engine is approx 6-7 min.

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