BVM Jets F-18C 1/5.5 scale Hornet Blue Angels #1 (single engine)


BVM Jets F-18c 1/5.5 scale PNP Go Fly Gold Hornet!  (Single engine)



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Includes NEW BVM branded Servos


52 Lb
Turbine Engine:
Channels Required:
Cortex Pro

NOTE: This airplane full of Fuel and Smoke will meet the requirements for the AMA Large Model Airplane Program. Please click below for more information on the LMA1 Program.

Special Features Installed
  • Central Control Unit (CCU)
  • Landing Gear w/Trailing Link Struts and Air System
  • Digital High Voltage Metal Gear Train
  • Servo Extensions and Linkage Rods
  • Navigation & Landing Lights
  • Fuel System
  • Doublewall Stainless Steel Thrust Tube
  • BVM Air Fill Valve
  • Air Tanks
  • Wheels and Brakes
  • Gear Valve
  • Brake Valve
  • Smoke Tank
  • Smoke Pump
  • BVM Air Gauge
  • Cockpit Deck
  • Painted In Your Choice of Available Schemes – Custom Schemes Available
  • BVM Manual

BVM Servos Now Installed in   Models

BVM servos (32kg and 42kg) are now installed in our F-18 1:5.5 scale model.

The NEW BVM Servos offer a higher resolution than the previously installed servo’s.

The 32kg & 42kg are HV, Digital, and Brushless.

Made by a well known manufacture in Taiwan.

Only available with a  model purchase. Not available for individual sale.

Items needed for completion:

UAT Hi Flow UAT- HiFlow BVM Ultimate Air Trap | RC Jetwerx

Batteries RT 2S 5000 45C | RC Jetwerx X2

Engine (260n-320n) Swiwin SW300b | RC Jetwerx

Gyro (optional) Demon Cortex Pro | RC Jetwerx