JP Hobby 105mm 12S EDF Unit


Special high grade aluminum quality
Motor Kv: 840
Motor: MT-4250-12S (6mm axle) Outrunner 12 poles
Motor diameter: 42mm
Motor length: 50mm
Rotor: 105mm 12 blades aluminium
External diameter: 107mm
Internal diameter: 105mm
Inlet ring diameter: 123mm (removable)
Ejection diameter: 105 mm
Combo max thrust: 7.5Kg
Weight: 550g (combo EDF + lip + motor )
Max efficiency: 90 %
Recommended max. rotation speed: 75600
Speed Control Advanced Timing Setting: 15° and under
Connections: Banana / PK 6mm (in place)

Note: we cannot warranty any electrical component sold that is used with wireless series adapters.

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