RCJetwerx 80mm Pro EDF


RC Jetwerx has often been asked what fan/motor is in that little 80mm Hawk that Sean has been flying at events and winning speed competitions with over the last few years. The answer is that it’s a special setup that RC Jetwerx came up with for our team pilots.

Now, RC Jetwerx will make it available to everyone. A complete, balanced, 6S edf unit that will turn anyone’s 6S 80mm edf jet into a rocket!

Featuring a Jetfan 80mm edf with a Leopard 2150kv (6S) in-runner motor, balanced and complete with 4mm bullets on the motor wires.
The FMS (Horizon Hobby) stock 80mm edf intake ring will fit this edf unit.

Warning: This item is for experienced edf pilots. This product will vastly increase the flight speed of most commercially available 80mm edf jets. It is not recommended for beginner or novice experience levels.

Requires low or <7 degree esc timing for optimal performance.

Weight: 480g

22.2v input required

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