Swiwin SW80B


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Now Includes Brushless Pump
Auto -restart V3 ECU
Brushless starter
Redesigned cowl with included fod screen
Super air trap brushless fuel pump

Thrust: 8kg/17.64 lbs.
Fuel consumption: 6.12 oz @ 83%
Fuel: Kero, Diesel or Jet A
Lubricant: 3% diesel, 5% kero
Engine weight: 1.76 lbs.
Diameter: 3.3 inches
Length: 8 5/16 inches
RPM range: 50,000-160,000
Maintainance interval: 25 hrs.
Battery: 3s lipo 3300mah

SWIWIN – Limited Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee that, under the following conditions during the warranty period starting from the date product is purchased, warranty service will be provided free of charge, no need to pay for the spare parts replacement Please contact SWIWIN or an SWIWIN authorized agent/dealer that you purchased from or SWIWIN official after-sales service center for more details of the services
1.The following conditions must be met for warranty service:
a. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of product sale or 25 hours from the cumulative operation time of the product.
b. During warranty period, product is normally used, as intended by the manufacturer.
c. No unauthorized disassembling, modification or installation has been performed
d. Labels, Serial Numbers, waterproof mark, false proof mark, security tape etc. show no signs of tampering or altering

2. Following situations are not subject to warranty service conditions:
a. Crash damage or burning under any circumstances!!
b. Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembling or shell opening.
c. Damage caused by improper installation, or incorrect use or operation despite of the guidance of manuals.
e. Damage caused by operation in bad weather (i.e. strong wind, rain, sand/dust storm, etc.)
f. Damage caused by operating the unit in an electromagnetic interference environment (i.e. mining area, radio transmitting tower, high-voltage wire, substation, etc.).
g. Damage caused by operating the unit with a weight greater than safe takeoff weight.
h. Damage caused by forced flight when components have been aged or damaged.

3. Miscellaneous
a. SWIWIN requests that customers are responsible for shipping costs when sending their product(s) in for return, repair or exchange. Technical staff of after-sales service centers will examine the product to identify the problem and responsibility.
b. If SWIWIN determines that the product(s) do not fall under the warranty, SWIWIN will advise the customer of the cost of repair and return delivery prior to repairing or sending the product(s).
c. If your issue is not subject to warranty or caused by non-manufacturing issue, then examination cost, material and labor cost will be charged according to the nature of the problem.
d. You can call SWIWIN after-sales service center for more information of maintenance process.
e. Products shipped to the warehouse must be properly packaged to prevent damage in transit. We will not be liable for poor packaging and/or lost or uninsured products.

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Brushless Starter
Brushless fuel pump
Telemetry capable
Redesigned cowl with included fod screen
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